Privat commission: Owl in Stone Rosso Laguna

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Work in Marble for Helaine Blumenfeld

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Stefan Ebner works a Marble Sculpture for Helaine Blumenfeld

In 2010, I worked for Helaine Blumenfeld on a series of monumental sculptures in white Carrara marble. Ms Blumenfeld is one of the most amazing persons … and artists I have met and worked with. She has created over fifty large-scale public commissions. She was elected member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors and in 2009 the Financial Times described her work as “the Henry Moores of the future.”
Helaine is the first-ever woman to win the Premio Pietrasanta nel Mondo… a prestigious international sculpture prize. She divides her time between Cambridge and Pietrasanta, where she has a studio. The city of Pietrasanta gave her the honor of a solo exhibition in the Piazza del Duomo, the town’s main square. It was a privilege and an honor for me to be a part of Helaine Blumenfeld’s artistic process – it’s been an unforgettable experience that challenged and stimulated me deeply.

You can see additional photos of the work in progress here.

The making of a children’s slide of white Carrara marble

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The city of Pontedera, which is in the province of Pisa, has a program whereby it commissions artists to produce artwork for the city park… artwork that’s meant to primarily serve as playground for the town’s children – and in so doing, Pontedera supports the arts, beautifies the urban landscape and makes a place where children can play… on art! I won the commission and over the course of several months, and with some help from my friends, I manufactured a children’s slide, in white Carrara marble in my studio in Pietrasanta. It’s really great to have made something that I know will be used daily… by children.

Here is a short movie… a little art documentary, that shows the process from beginning to wonderful laughter-filled end. If you are interested in seeing how one … well, two, blocks of rough Carrara marble end up being the thrill of many children then you might like it.

You can see additional photos of the work in progress here.

Bench in white marble from Carrara

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Benche in white marble from Carrara

You can see additional photos of the work in progress here.