Stefan Ebner

He is born in 1968 in Freiburg i. Brsg.

1990 – 1993 Undertook training in stone masonery and sculpture at the Muensterbauhuette (Cathedral Builders) in Freiburg i. Brsg.

1994 – 1997 Worked as a freelance artist and assistant in Cologne, Dresden, Paris, Liege and Jeddah

Since 1997  He works and lives between Germany (Freibourg) and Italy (Pietrasanta and Carrara) and around the world. He realises works of art in marble in collaboration with artists and studios. Different kind of collaborative work experiences with Helaine Blumenfeld, Michel Bassompierre, Evert Den Hartog, Nicolas Bertoux, Anish Kapoor, …

“…it is the humility and the communion with the elements that in my opinion characterize Ebner’s sculpture. And from this emerges the other dominant    element, maybe most immediately felt when one approaches one of his works – even before having examined it or seen it – and that is strength. In his   relationship with matter Ebner is able to listen and to see it and he is able to let it flow without artificially altering its nature…”

Elisa Giannini – Art Critic

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